Vlogging Advice: How to Talk to Your Audience

In the early days of social media and the internet, it was easy to get eyeballs on your videos because fewer people were online posting content. You basically had access to a huge share of the audience. Now timelines are crammed full of content you are sharing the audiences with far more other content creators.

The way to get your videos seen above the crowd is the offer better quality videos that speak to your ideal clients' pain points and deliver added value to those clients. Ultimately you want your audience to leave the video knowing who you are and wanting to know more.

Who are you talking to?

First, we need to know who our audience is. Look at your top customers, look at people who are spending the most money, or giving you the most referrals/conversion. How do you talk to them? If you bumped into them in the real world, how would you speak to them? That is how you talk to your audience in your vlogs and marketing videos. Find out more in this video I created for SEMrush.

You speak to your audience exactly how you already talk to your top clients. Let's make videos that attract and excite people just like your top clients.

If you are selling B2B and your audience totally understand your industry and the terminology, use the terminology, if not you can explain the terminology along the way. Look at your audience and tailor your content to speak to them in a way they would understand and respect.

Make a Strong Start

I've seen many, many videos where the first 7 to 10 seconds is someone messing about with the camera.

That is prime video real estate wasted!

Smartphone audiences don't hang around. If you waste 5 to 10 seconds at the start of your video a good chunk of your audience will have turned off before you even speak.

It isn't hard. It doesn't take long. You need to make sure you put your video into basic editing software on your smartphone. iMovie and Clips for iPhone are really good apps, the Quik App is great for Android devices. Plus there's also Camtasia for the desktop. All you need to do is clip the front and the end of the video to neaten it up.

The opening is important, get to the point early.

Posting marketing videos and vlogs is like digital door to door selling. If you're knocking on doors (appearing to social media timelines) and you're rambling on the door will come back in your face.

The digital equivalent of slamming the door in your face is people swiping next.

To sum up...

What we need to do is to make our videos better than our competitors, more interesting, more engaging, more shareable, more likable, more comment-able. We need to genuinely up our game with the quality of our videos with regards to technical, presenting, and scripting.

Remember we are making videos for human beings, not for computers we need to make videos that look good, sound good, and leave the audiences wanting to know more.

Let me know how you get on, leave me a message, or share your thoughts on social media via the hashtag #vlogify.

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy at Vlogify

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