Use Short Videos to Reach a Larger Audience on Facebook

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

You can generate more views of your Facebook content when you use super short videos in your marketing mix. These videos need to be posted natively on your personal Facebook timelines, Facebook Private Groups, and Communities. It is worth posting to groups you manage and also guest posting on groups you don't. For example, Vlogify keeps in touch with its audience via content including super short videos on our Facebook Page but we also guest post to local business groups and pages.

Video creation is not just for large brands on TV and teenagers on YouTube.

Video is a must for all Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and digitally savvy business people wanting to grow their sales online.

Regular quality, useful/engaging/educational video posts on Facebook (also known as vlogging) is a new way to use videography to find, engage, and convert prospects into customers. It’s quality video content made regularly and consistently by digitally savvy professionals on Facebook.

Want more people to watch your videos? Watch the short film below we created for SEMrush

It is important to note that on Facebook, successful vlog videos are shorter than 60 seconds. On Facebook 20 to 25 seconds is a good video length. You can post longer videos but statistics from the data of millions of views shows that viewing figures drop dramatically after 30 seconds. If the videos call to action comes after 30 seconds the audience may already be gone before they see it.

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