The Top Video Strategy Fail of 2020!

The best way to fail at Video Strategy in 2020 is to focus on making cheap videos. Yes, you can create cheap content but your brand deserves better than cheap content!

Buy cheap buy twice, that is the truth when it comes to creating content. If you make cheap videos you will ultimately need to re-make them once you realize, they are at best unsuccessful marketing tools or at worst are actually harming your brand.

When the prime focus of your video is cheapness you will miss out on vital actions from your audience. Plus your videos will look cheap and you will look cheap. When the focus of your video is "I want it to be cheap" you'll completely lose any story and any emotion.

I must add you don’t have to spend a fortune on every video you make however if your only goal is for your content to be cheap your content will suffer as a result. The aim of your content should not be based on price/cheapness. The aim of your videos should be about generating an emotional response and actions from your audience.

Actions to aim for are…

  • Likes,

  • Comments,

  • Shares,

  • DM’s

  • 5 Day Challenge sign ups

  • Private Facebook Group sign-ups

  • Landing page click-throughs

Yes, it is very easy to own a camera, it is very easy to go to amazon and buy an extremely cheap microphone but that isn't what you should be focusing on.

You should be creating quality content that is engaging.

Know your audience, know their pain points, and work out how you can fix those pain points. Once you know that you can make content that really will attract/delights your audience and push them to want to know more from you.

Once your audience is in that position selling to them becomes easier.

Find out more about Video Strategy Success in 2020. Watch this Podcast I co-starred in with the Bussiness Bros.

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Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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