The key to Success as a Micro-Influencer

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

"Big-name" influencers will sell adverting space and product placement space in their content and will usually charge their advertisers per 1k, 10k, or 100k views/actions. The issue with micro-influencers is that many will not have 1k let alone 100k of views/actions on their content, which often means they will struggle to sell traditional advertising space to brands.

The key to success as a micro-influencer is to have a very specific niche/audience.

When micro-influencers niche down it then becomes much easier for them to make money.

For example, if you are a business coach you could specialize in lead generation.

Rather than talking about all things business in a very general way you could create very niche content for a niche audience about lead generation. With a niche like this, you know that your audience has specific needs and pain points. It's easy to then work out what solutions you can provide.

Sell for others:

You can make income by selling your own services and solution or you can make money by connecting your audience to other professionals and suppliers (who are not directly in competition with yourself). Because you have a niche audience with specific needs it is easy to find niche suppliers willing to pay for successful introductions.

When you built up a loyal/specific/niche audience (and you understand their needs) your audience will trust your recommendations. If you negotiate the right deals with suppliers you can be financially rewarded by your suppliers when your introductions lead to sales.

Keep in Contact with SuperStar Clients:

As a micro-influencer, you should use your content to keep in touch with your Super Star Clients.

Who are your SuperStar Clients:

  • They generate the most income for you

  • They know you

  • They like you

  • They trust you

  • They already have processes in place to pay you

Invite your SuperStar Clients to be part of your content

Using SuperStar Clients in your content will nurture your professional relationships. You'll benefit from this because you will be at the top of your SuperStar Clients' minds when they need your services. You can also leverage your SuperStar Clients audience too. That way you are also top of the mind of your SuperStars connections who are also looking for the solutions you provide.

In conclusion:

Micro-Influencers can't sell the same way that the "big players" do. That's OK, when micro-influencers niche down, learn who their audience is and what their pain points are they don't need to wait till they have millions of followers before they can make a decent income.

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