Social Media Video Success in 2020

Super short videos posted natively on social media platforms provide an excellent ROI for B2B marketers and brands. We live in an age when video creation is no longer just for large brands on TV and teenagers on YouTube. Videography is a must for any brand wanting to grow their sales online.

What you need to do

Regular quality, useful/engaging/educational video posts on social media (also known as social media vlogging) is a new way to use videography to find, engage, and convert prospects into customers.

It’s quality video content made regularly and consistently by professional business people on platforms like LikedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


The problem is most SME's fail at video strategy because of 1 pain point - that pain point is the length/complexity of their production process. They take too long to make each video and add too many complexities to their filming and editing process.

I create 5 to 10 short videos every single week on social media.

Some of my videos are evergreen professionally produced branded videos which usually take between 2-4 hours to create and I will re-use these relatively regularly.

Most, however, are casual "behind the scenes" style videos. Shot, edited, and distributed from my smartphone which takes 5 to 15 minutes to film, edit, and distribute. This is time-specific content and it offers real added value to the audience.

These casual behind the scenes videos typically generate more likes, shares, and comments (than branded videos/adverts) and they are great for growing relationships with my audience as I can talk to my audience more often than I can with more complex videos.

Consistency is key in video/content strategy and anything we as businesses can do to make consistency and quality easier to attain we should be doing. I recommend brands hire professionals to create their evergreen branded content and they concentrate their inhouse efforts on filming, editing, and distributing more casual behind the scenes style content from smartphones.

Want to know more about video success in 2020? Give this short video I created for SEMRush a watch

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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