How to Use Vlogging to Make More Money as a Freelancer

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The first question is why?

Why use video marketing and vlogging when you are selling your skills as a freelancer? At Vlogify we are asked this question on a daily basis. Here are some statistics.

  • By 2020 75% of all mobile data traffic will be video

  • Facebook has 8 billion video views every day

  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide say video has the best ROI of any content

  • Including video in a landing page can increase sales conversion by 80%

Video is a really powerful way to find new clients and an amazing way to keep in touch with current clients. The beauty of keeping in touch with current clients is your current clients already know, like and trust you. They already have payment processes set up to pay you. That is so important!

Before I set up Vlogify I'd been a freelancer for over 15 years and I know first hand that the key to success is retaining clients.

Regular quality vlogging is an amazingly powerful way to do that. You can keep your top clients, up to date with your timetable, availability, new skills, new kit, new products, and services they don't currently buy from you but could buy from you.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is about creating quality video content consistently.

When you are starting out in video marketing the most important thing is that you start. Sounds simple but it’s where so many freelancers fail! Forget all the show biz sparkle and the tech list. What you need is a smartphone with a camera, a quiet room, a selfie stick, and some helpful advice.

Video creation can be a complex process. However, at its core, it can be broken down into four equally important parts.

Step 1: Pre-production – preparing to film

Step 2: Production – filming yourself, your products or services

Step 3: Post-production – giving your vlogs a little sparkle by editing, adding filters music, subtitles, and title graphics

Step 4: distribution – posting your videos online

Keep reading the Vlogify blog over the next few months, we will look at each part of the process and how you implement them as part of your vlogging and video strategy.

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  • Why you should use video in your marketing.

  • Why you should integrate video in your marketing mix

  • What can make your videos stand out above the crowd

  • How long videos should be

  • What platform to use

  • How to engage with your audience

If you have any questions please get in touch via the comments below or via the messager at the bottom of the page.

Best wishes, Dom O’Neill - The Vlogging Guy at Vlogify

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