How to Use Social Selling on LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Do you sell to B2B clients? Are you using social selling content on LinkedIn? On the Vlogify Content Masterclass Podcast today we discover...

  • Why you should use social selling

  • How to use it

  • What content works

  • Why LinkedIn is a perfect platform for social selling

Digital marketing can enhance and develop any business in any industry, companies that want to grow and build their brand and following online are companies that are really benefitting from social selling and will continue to benefit in the years to come.

Rather than focusing just on SEO, in-person networking, email marketing, or cold calling, high-quality and useful social selling content should also be added to your sales and marketing mix. This content includes videos, articles, blogs, social media, website content, and much more. Listen now via the player below.

Social selling on LinkedIn not only builds your brand reputation, but it also maximizes returns from Google search and can boost your website’s rankings.

On the show this week I am joined by Online Sales & Lead Generation Expert Tali Hasanov What Tali does in her own words:

I use the latest digital marketing expertise and tools to meet your company’s online marketing challenges.

From social media and content marketing to website rankings and everything in between, I do it all. Using my experience, specialist knowledge of current trends and SEO, and cutting-edge tools, I deliver innovative digital marketing strategies customized to your company’s exact needs.

When potential clients are looking for a solution or service you provide, I make sure that they find you."

Enjoy the show and if you have any questions get in touch via the comments below

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Dom O'Neill The Vlogging Guy

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