How to Use a Green Screen to Replace Backgrounds on Zoom

This is a super-quick guide to using a green screen behind you when you are using computer-generated backgrounds on live video apps such as Zoom. You can of course not use a green screen on Zoom and replace the background anyway. Take note, depending on...

  • Where you film

  • How light the room is

  • How cluttered the room is

  • How complex your original background is

  • How long your hair is

  • Hair colour

  • What you're wearing

  • And so much more

The results can vary from good to utter fail!

Using a green screen will make your digital backdrop much more impressive, as using a green screen will limit the blurred lines between you and your background. If you are filming in a cluttered space a green screen will help the tech easily work out where you end and the background starts.

The key to looking good and succeeding with the green screen is lighting. I made this