How to Use a Green Screen to Replace Backgrounds on Zoom

This is a super-quick guide to using a green screen behind you when you are using computer-generated backgrounds on live video apps such as Zoom. You can of course not use a green screen on Zoom and replace the background anyway. Take note, depending on...

  • Where you film

  • How light the room is

  • How cluttered the room is

  • How complex your original background is

  • How long your hair is

  • Hair colour

  • What you're wearing

  • And so much more

The results can vary from good to utter fail!

Using a green screen will make your digital backdrop much more impressive, as using a green screen will limit the blurred lines between you and your background. If you are filming in a cluttered space a green screen will help the tech easily work out where you end and the background starts.

The key to looking good and succeeding with the green screen is lighting. I made this short video for SEMrush about lighting, give it a watch as it will help explain what I have written below.

When you film with a green screen you need 1x light to light you, I personally use a halo/ring light to light me.

You also need 2x lights to light the green screen behind you.

Shadows can destroy your green screen FX and can waste loads of processing power.

If the green screen background is lit independently, with an equal wash of light across the screen (no deep pools of light/dark) and your shadow is not on the screen your background special effects will work better.

If you have any questions get in touch via the comments below.

Best wishes,

Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy at Vlogify

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