How to Talk to Your Audience Regularly

Video Strategy success is all about quality and quantity. There are so many videos already on social media and on YouTube, and there are so many more to come. You need to make sure yours are spotted above everyone else, above the crowd, above the noise on a regular basis.

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What is the benefit to the end-user?

If you're only making videos where the theme of the video is "look at what we've done", or "Buy our stuff", there's a very good chance the audience response will be "That's nice". There is no value in that's nice.

You're wanting people to share, like, comment, and interact with your videos. You're wanting to create content that creates an emotional resonance. You're wanting to wow, interest, and excite your audience. You are looking to create an emotional response that leads to interaction.

Speak to your audience regularly

If you're wanting to vlog every single day, every video cannot take you three or four hours to create. You need to create quality and quantity content on a timescale that is doable for you. To do this you should utilize disposable/casual content.

What is disposable/casual content? Let's say you're at an event one day, you film behind the scenes footage from the day. Footage such as you speaking to camera, interviews, vox-pop, and photomontages to music. Involve as many other people as possible!

You want that video content to be out by the end of the day (or before the workday ends) so you can start tagging people who are in that video, you can start engaging with people who are in that video, and start getting a bit of a buzz about what you've been doing that day.

You are filming, you are editing and you are distributing this content from your smartphone.

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Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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