How to talk to your audience in your vlogs and videos

Generally, video and vlogging success is all about putting your videos head and shoulders above the rest. That way you generate more views, longer viewing times, more shares likes, and comments which will up the organic reach of your videos.

How to talk to your audience:

You can add to the successful measures mentioned above by being specific about who your videos are aimed at and create videos, especially for your target audience.

You do this by looking at...

1. Who your top customers are

2. Who is spending the most money

3. Giving you the most conversion

Then look at how you talk to them. If you bumped into them at a networking event, how would you speak to them? If you are selling B2B and they totally understand your industry and the terminology, use the terminology or explain the terminology along the way. It's looking at your audience and tailoring your content to speak to them in a way they understand and respect.

Get to the point early!

Everyone is blasting video! Everyone now sees multiple videos on their timelines all day long. The early days where it was easy to get eyeballs on your videos are coming to an end, we need to be smarter to generate views and engagements for our videos.

The opening is so important, you need to get to the point early. I've seen many videos where the first 7 to 10 seconds is someone messing about with the camera, and that is prime real estate wasted before you've even spoken. So many people will have turned off before you speak. It isn't hard. It doesn't take long. You need to make sure you put your video, once you filmed it, into the editing software. iMovie's really good, there's also something like Camtasia or there are Clips, and you can just clip the front and the end of the video.

I often say to people, making marketing videos is like a door to door selling. If you're knocking on doors and you're rambling on for two minutes, the door will come back in your face. And the digital equivalent of slamming the door in your face is the audience hitting "next".

Call to action!

When vlogging or video marketing on social media it's so important that the call to action comes, within the first 40 seconds, and the whole video is over by a minute. If you're on Instagram, if you're on Twitter, if you're on Facebook, you need to make sure that happens.

LinkedIn and YouTube, there's an argument that you can go a little bit longer, but you've got to be respectful of people's time.

To sum up...

What we need to do is to make our videos that bit better, that bit more interesting, more engaging, more shareable, more likable, more commendable. We do this by upping our game with the quality of our videos. Remember we are making videos for human beings, not for computers. We are looking to generate genuine human emotions and responses via highly targeted content based on what we know our target audience likes, wants, and needs.

Hopefully, you found this video useful. It is always great to hear from you guys. Please do get in touch via the comments below.

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy at Vlogify

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