How To Record Better Sound During Guest Interviews

On today's blog we run through some top tips for vloggers, Podcasters, and online presenters who are creating content with guests joining them remotely via services such as Zoom, StreamYard, or Skype (to name a few). If you want to know more about microphones check out the blog What Microphone Should I Buy?

Three top tips if your guest is too quiet:

1. If they are too quiet ask them to use an external microphone and check the audio source to make sure the mic is connected and the software (Zoom etc) is taking the correct mic.

2. If they don't have an eternal mic (always a warning sign of an inexperienced guest) ask the guest to sit a little closer to the microphone.

3. Ask your guest to check their microphone level in their device settings to ensure it is set at a high enough level.

You can find out more about general Sound Tech and Tips via the video below.

Three top tips to reduce echo:

As your guest to film in a room full of soft items such as sofas, carpets, and curtains. Plus ask your guests to use headphones and close up microphones.

1. Headphones will limit the amount of noise spilling out their computer speakers and into their microphone (speaker audio spill will often cause feedback and digital audio distortions).

2. A close-up microphone will be of course closer to your guest's mouth so they will be clearer and will be louder than the other noise in the room.

3. Empty rooms cause echo's, the more soft furnishings your guest's filming location has the more the sound will be absorbed. The more sound is absorbed the less sound will bounce back into the microphone.

Three top tips for other sound issues:

1. Ask your guest to close the doors and windows, turn off air conditioning. Ask your guests not to film in rooms with noisy fridges, fans, and servers.

2. Please remind guests that if they mute themselves during a session (depending on the software/platform you use) you may have no way to unmute them.

3. Test before you record/go live. If the audio is unusable ask your guest to change their microphone. If they say they don't have a mic ask them if they have kids with an iPhone or gaming headset they could borrow?

There is a saying in film production, the eye will tolerate bad pictures (not that you should film bad pictures) but the ear will not accept bad sound. If your guests can't do these simple steps you may need to cancel the interview as poor sound will make your content unlistenable and your audience will turn off.

If you have any questions get in touch via the comments below.

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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