How to Make Better Content that Excites your Audience

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Creating 90-second pilot videos is a must before you start creating a video series on YouTube, your blog on on social media. Testing with different content ideas, different filming locations, and different filing styles, different costumes, and different tones of voice is a great way to work out the "house style" of your videos before you launch. Creating short pilot videos means you get a good idea of what your final video might look like without having to commit to creating full-length episodes for each test.

Ask friends, connections, fans, and super-fans to watch each of the videos and see which ones they like or which aspects of each video they like/don't like. It's always interesting to find out what your audience likes and doesn't like. It may not be what you think. Also going through the filming process for the pilot will give you a good idea of the workflow for creating the full series.

The beauty of creating 90-second pilot videos is your audience, fans and superfans have the chance to see what you are planning. In the same way, a house with furniture sells faster than an empty house, pilot videos will help your audience understand what you are creating and how they might want to consume it. It's a great way to get reactions for your audience with a low time and investment also creates interest in what you are doing.

Watch my 3 pilot videos below to see how my "house style", quality, and delivery developed throughout the pilot process.

Pilot 1:

Pilot 2:

Pilot 3:

These 60-second pilot videos gave me a good idea of the workflow for the project, what equipment I'd need, what my audience liked, the quality they expected, and how long I'd need to create each video project. Start your pilot process today and start to make better content that really resonates with your audience, fans, and super-fans.

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Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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