How To Look Good When Recording Videos

This is a quick guide for those of us wanting to look our best when filming pre-recorded and live videos such as Zoom meets, Podcast records, or Social Media live streams. Follow these basic steps below to ensure you look as good as you can.


You should be lit with a consistent wash of light across your face, which means no pools of light and dark and no shadows. Remember the camera will not add 50lb but bad lighting will. You can read more about light via the blog post Lighting Tech and Tips.

Camera and Filming Techniques:

The place in which you are filming should also be well lit. It's best practice to light yourself and your scene from behind the camera pointing at yourself. Don't film in front of windows or in an area where there is bright lighting behind you. What we are looking to do is create a balanced well-lit environment. The better lit you are the better you look. Plus brighter images are much easier for your audience to watch.

The camera should be at eye level so you are looking at your audience. Don't look at your own/your guest's image mirrored on your screen if you are recording on platforms such as Zoom.

Sit (or stand) in the center of the frame and be visible from head to chest, with a small amount of space above the head to accommodate any movement you might make towards the camera.

Want to know more about the filming Tech and Tips? Watch the video below

If you have any questions get in touch via the comments below.

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify.

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