How To Go Viral With Content Strategy

In this episode of the Vlogify CSM Podcast, we discover how to go viral with your video and content strategy.

Pretty much everyone from the expert to the beginner knows they need to "go viral online".  Going viral means your content resonates so immensely that it becomes shareable, likable, and commentable on social media, and the people who consume your content can't help but tell others about it.

When your content gets liked, retweeted,  republished, commented on, blogged about, and talked about you will grow your audience, build your brand, and others will start to see you and your brand as the market leader/expert.

Once you are known as the market leader/expert buying from you becomes a "no-brainer", so going viral is worth doing!

The guest on the show today is Matt Johnson from Guide Social. In his own words, Matt says "Guide Social is the only exclusive video marketing agency with deep roots in viral editorial video. I  founded GS to bring viral branded video and high performing YouTube advertising to companies all over the world, backed by video view guarantees with expert, targeted media buying, and PR.  We also have an expert team dedicated to YouTube ads for clients with online conversion-focused business."

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Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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