How to Film Better Videos

Social media platforms are packed full of cheap and unwatchable videos. To be heard above this noise you need your videos to be a step above rest. Everyone talks about creating quality video content, but how we actually do that?

Today on the blog and in the video below (which I created for SEMrush) I talk all about how you film better videos.


When it comes to vlogging and basic digital video marketing most smartphones are good enough to start making videos with. Once you start making videos regularly, you may want to upgrade, but for now, I absolutely recommend the camera on your smartphone.

Now, obviously, phones, especially smartphones are not cheap, but it really is worth getting a newer version of a smartphone. If your phone is older than two years old, there's a very good chance that the graphics, the processors, and the lenses will not be particularly great, and you will not look as good as you should.

A blurred image will make your videos look poor quality, unprofessional, and halfhearted. The beauty of shooting on a smartphone is that if you're filming in good light, the autofocus on your smartphone will automatically keep your image in focus.


A tripod will help you get a steady shot. The tripod frees you from the camera and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your content. A tripod will ensure the camera is safe, secure, and in the right place for filming. It can also really help you to slow down and think about the shot you're taking and help you get the framing right.

If you are serious about filming you should get a full-size tripod (usually about a meter and a half tall). That is because if you get a smaller-size tripod, you are then limited to where you can use it and how you can use it.

$100 to $150 (around £100 UKP) is a reasonable price for a tripod that offers good quality. The more lightweight the tripod, the more likelihood the tripod will fail. Remember if you have an expensive smartphone on the top of that tripod, you're obviously going to want to make sure it does not fail and cause your phone to break.

If you're using a smartphone on a regular tripod, you will need a smartphone adapter, which is a device that connects to the top of your tripod. It costs $20 and it means your smartphone is safely connected to the tripod and films with no wobbles, no shakes, and no chance of falling off.

To sum up

Vlogging is not once a month, it's two, three, four, or even five times a week. And I know people who are doing it one or two, three, four times a day. You need to create a simple filming process with efficient systems. Systems that create a good fast turnaround of quality content. The best option, especially when you're starting out, is to film, edit, and distribute from the smartphone. iPhones and Apple products are literally built for daily vlogging, so I recommend the iPhone over any other smartphone.

I hope this helps if you have any questions level them in the comments below.

Best wishes,

Dom O'Neill, The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

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