Creating Quality Video Content on a Low Budget

Why would you use video marketing and vlogging?

The Covid19 pandemic has proved to us without a doubt that we need to not just utilize but also maximize digital technology to be successful in this ever-changing world. The dinosaurs of the old world are being wiped out by tech-savvy entrepreneurs who are able to pivot to digital online processes such as vlogging to find, serve, and retain their clients online much faster than their conservative and traditional competition.

Vlogging is not just for teenagers on YouTube.

Video Marketing and Vlogging is a must for business people, freelancers, and entrepreneurs wanting to thrive in these changing post Covid19 times.

Vlogging is a new way to use videography to find, engage, and convert prospects into customers. It’s quality video content made regularly and consistently by professionals and experts on platforms like YouTube, LikedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

During the 2020 Covid19 virus crisis excellent content strategy and the quick pick up of new digital technology allowed many future-facing companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to succeed while others failed.

For these Digital Rockstars, regular quality vlogs in conjunction with an excellent content strategy, blogs, podcasts, SEO, social media posts, and client management systems increased brand awareness and trust which lead to more leads being generated and more sales being made while the competition was sidelined.

Want to make your own vlogs?

Below is a webinar The Vlogging Guy Dom O'Neill filmed for SEMrush with other industry experts including…

  1. Ross Tavendale – Ross killing it in “Canonical Chronical” and Weekly Wisdom

  2. Ai Addyson-Zhang – educator, Founder at Classroom Without Walls

  3. Phil Nottingham – Brand Strategist at Wistia

On the show, we find out how to…

1. Leverage the tech you already own

2. What tech you should buy

3. How to produce video people actually want to watch

4. How to increase engagement- The 4 parts to video production success

Want to know more? Leave a comment or get in touch via the messenger below.

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill, The Vlogging Guy at Vlogify

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