Creating Content for Direct Messages

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

When I started out creating content, I was told that content for everybody is usually content for nobody. It doesn't matter if you are telling a huge story in a Hollywood feature or you are telling a short story in a private video message on LinkedIn. Knowing who your audience is, that is the most important thing when you are storytelling. You need to know who the audience is, what their pain points are, and what they want. This will help you broadcast and NanoCast the right message to your audience.

Watch this Weekly Wisdom video I created for SEMrush to find out more about NanoCasting.

What is Nanocasting?

One of the strategies I like to use in my marketing mix is nano casting.

NanoCasting is sending short private video or audio messages to people you know you, who like you, who trust you, and possibly who already buy from you. We are sending private messages to those people, saying the right things at the right time to create a conversation.

NanoCasting is best used with SuperStar Clients and with potential clients towards the end of your sales funnel. If you send NanoCast messages too early in the sales funnel it can come across as SPAM.

Another note: we are not selling; we are creating conversations, which can, later on, lead to sales.

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