4 Ways to Ensure You Keep to Your Content Strategy

I'm Dom O'Neill and I run Vlogify, I have been creating online content since I started in Student Radio at NSR FM, Newcastle, back UK in 2004. In 2011 I undertook a Masters Degree in Radio Production (and Management) where I specialized in online and on-demand content.

In the many years, I've been creating content I've discovered 4 pro-hacks that anyone can use to ensure they succeed at their content strategy

1. Create content about a subject that you love If you are creating content about a subject you love, it's much easier to keep thinking of new topics, keep reaching out to guests and keep generating knowledge - you keep doing it because you really want to know more.

As long as you really want to know more, you'll be happy to put the time into creating content for others who also want to know more about the subject.

2. Don't obsess about advert revenue when you start out

Big-name Influencers will typically sell adverting/product placement space in their content and will usually charge their advertisers per thousand,10 thousand, or 100 thousand views/listens/actions. 

The issue with micro-content creators is that many will not have thousands let alone 100's of thousands of views/listens/actions on their content.

Which often means they will struggle to sell traditional advertising space to brands.

When micro-content creators niche down it then becomes much easier for them to start to make money. Selling their own services and products is a great way for micro-content creators to make money with small/niche but highly engaged audiences.

3. Maximize Your Content:

When I first started podcasting in 2004 booking guests to appear on shows was a time consuming and difficult task as many people at the time had no idea what a podcast was let alone the benefits/value of appearing as a guest on a one These days digitally savvy experts and leading thinkers are happy to appear on Podcasts, even niche ones.

To maximize the process I will often record a number of shows worth of content with the same guest. For example, your Podcast could be 5 min long so in a 1-hour record you can talk to your guests about 4 or 5 subjects. You can then turn those interviews into 4 or 5 Podcasts which you can then schedule across the year.

You can also transcribe the audio and create blog posts. You book and record 1interview with one guest but you create multiple pieces of quality content for use throughout the year.

4. Leverage technology, keep it simple and automate:

Don't overload yourself!

if it can be automated, automate it, especially time-consuming tasks like guest booking and guest induction.

Use platforms that will simultaneously place your content on multiple platforms and channels.

Keep your processes simple. The more complexities you add to your production process the more chances there will be for failure to creep in.

Ultimately consistency and quality is the key. Don't push yourself to do more content than you can reasonably keep it up. Content Strategy is a marathon and not a sprint.

Got a question? Get in touch via the comments below.

Best wishes, Dom O'Neill - The Vlogging Guy from Vlogify

PS. Want to know more about content success? Watch the Weekly Wisdom video I created for the team at SEMrush

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