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Do you need a professional technical crew to work with your existing team on a Live Event or TV Production?


If so, TUKE can help you!

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TUKE is a start-up that provides quality technical crew for productions, venues, agencies, and creatives companies.


TUKE may be a start-up but our Management Team and our team of Technicians are seasoned veterans in the Live Events and Broadcast TV industries.


Many of our team have worked in the industry for decades. You can be assured that your Live Event or Production is in safe hands.

Don't waste time searching for technical talent, don't risk using crew you don't know or haven't vetted, and don't spend hours processing multiple invoices for the same Live Event or Production.

Expert Technicians:

Let TUKE do the work for you, we will pair you with professional and highly experienced experts in their fields. All of our technicians are vetted by us and have relevant levels of skills, training, insurance, and professional attitude.


Simple Invoices:

Don't waste time processing multiple invoices, when you work with TUKE we keep invoicing to a minimum. No matter how many crew members you hire for a project you will only receive one invoice per project from TUKE.

One Point Of Contact

At TUKE we will manage your crew for you. You will have a designed account manager who will leases with your technical team for you. We can pass on your Call Sheets, Event Bibles, and all relevant information to our crew. Plus we can manage questions from our tech team, so you don't have to spend time dealing with multiple crew questions and requests for multiple people.

Need any of the following crew members?

  • Camera operator

  • Sound technician 

  • AV technician

  • Lighting technician

  • Event recording technician

  • Streaming Technician

  • Vision Mixer

  • Floor Manager

  • Stage Manager

  • Vlogger/behind the scenes filmmaker

  • Photographer

  • DJ

  • Licenced Drone Operator

  • Speaker/Content Wrangler

  • COVID19 Supervisor

  • COVID19 Marshals

If so, TUKE can help you!

Call now to discuss how we can help you

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